Through Education Project in B&H, World Vision supports the transition process of education system, assisting members of education system (students, teachers/pedagogues) in advancement of their knowledge, skills and practice.

Beside advancement of knowledge, skills and practice of members of education system, WV proposes to improve physical conditions of schools, and contribute to better access to education for all students, especially for the most vulnerable ones.

The Education project leads towards improvement of educational conditions through better teaching and learning environment in targeted primary schools, also through involving pupils and their parents in decision making processes at the school level. Project beneficiaries are all children attending the project schools, also children registered under the sponsorship project. Through this project, World Vision ensures participation of all relevant stakeholders, in the first place children, and support implementation of projects and initiatives which contribute to a healthier and safer development of children. This includes support to improvements in access and quality of education; up-grading infrastructure and equipment at target schools, as well as advocating for Child Rights, Protection and Participation. World Vision encourages Students Councils to advocate for larger involvement of children at schools, as well as Parent Councils, enabling the participation of community in decision-making processes in schools. Additionally, this project contributes to increase of number of children enrolled in pre-school institutions.

Implementation of Education project brings benefit to primary school children (direct beneficiaries) currently attending classes in ADP schools, and to school authorities, teachers and parents (as indirect beneficiaries). Better quality of education results in better educated children, enabling them to continue with higher education and improve their job chances/or take over the economic activities once they get old enough. Additionally, this project also enables children and their parents to engage more efficiently into school life, influence decision making process in schools and thus help the creation of better education environment. In this way they will also get the opportunity to recognise the importance of civil society and engagement of communities in decision making processes in education, but also in other spheres of the life.